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funny people

Where to begin with this flick. Have you seen it? Dear lord.

I was all set to hate it, with its lineup of likeable-but-massively-overexposed Seth Rogen and his ballooning sidekick Jonah Hill alongside Adam Sandler, who’s got a LOT to apologize for, to say the least.

But somehow director Judd Apatow manages to keep Sandler under control (he must be going through some kind of 40s-crisis thing, which is the best thing that’s ever happened to him). He’s even pretty good, I mean at least for the first I guess ninety minutes, when the story maintains the illusion of having some kind of arc. I cried a little bit, really.

And then.

Gosh almighty does that thing get off its rails. We get, oh I don’t know, I guess about three movies in total. I need to think about it some more, but I’m not sure it finally works. Even if it fails, though, it’s still Adam Sandler’s best film to date.

And yes, I have seen Punch-Drunk Love, and it was awful.